Required: Register as a New User

As an authorized representative for your carrier fleet, use your new customer welcome email to setup and register your new product so you can start using Velocity Plus.


Carrier Registration Email

1. When you are beginning the Registration process, you will be sent a link to your primary Email address on file, to complete the Registration process.


Registration is completed, by clicking the link that was provided in the Email.



Carrier Information Tab

2. You will be redirected to the User Registration screen, in the Carrier Information tab, where the following fields are auto-populated: Carrier Name, DOT, Carrier Address (City/State/Zip).



User Credentials Tab

3. Once you select Next on the Carrier Information tab, you will be directed to the User Credentials tab:

You will see the following fields: User Name, Password, Confirm Password.

Your User Name will be defaulted to your Email address (not editable).

Passwords should meet the minimum requirements:

Minimum of 8 Characters, at least one Capital Letter, one Lower Case Letter and at least one Number.


Ensure that both Passwords match in the fields provided.

Once you successfully enter the Passwords with the correct criteria, a green check mark appears on the left side of the Password.

If Password requirements are not met a red X will appear left of the Password.

Clicking on the eyeball icon in the Password field and confirmed Password field will display the characters.


You will see the following buttons: Back, Next , and Cancel.

Selecting the Back button, at the bottom left-hand side of the screen, will take you back to the Carrier Information tab.

When clicking on the Next button, you will be directed to the User Information tab.

Clicking on Cancel will take the User back to the Login page, and the User will not be registered.



User Information Tab

4. Once you navigate to the User Information tab, you will be required to enter the following information: First Name, Last Name, User Phone Number.

The Owner/Operator toggle switch defaulted to No

If you are an Owner Operator, toggle to Yes.

Note:Owner/Operator functionality covered further on in this document.

Clicking the Back button will return you to User Credentials tab.


Clicking Next will take you to the Fleet Details tab.

Clicking on Cancel will take the User back to the Login page, and the User will not be registered.



Fleet Details Tab

5. Once you select Next from the User Information tab, you will be directed to Fleet Details tab:

Toggle switch for Hazmat defaulted to No, but you are able to click to select Yes.

Number of trucks and the Number of trailers defaulted to 1 with the ability to change.

ELD Providers is a drop-down menu with an alphabetized list including: Translfo T-Series, Big Road, Cellular Provider, Eroad, Fleetmatics, GeoTab, JJ Keller, Keep Truckin, Omnitracs, One20, Other, PeopleNet, Rand McNally, Teletrac.


Type of trailers with a drop-down menu to multi-select: Dry Van, Flatbed, Reefer, Car Carrier, Dump, Hopper, Lowboy, Tanker, Van with Curtains, and Other.

Optional to select at least 1 Trailer type.

Must select I have read and agree to the Transflo Command Center terms and conditions. Click here to read more check box.


Click Here is hyper-linked, and when selected, a pop-up with the EULA will be displayed to read more.

Clicking the Back button will take you to User Information tab.

Clicking the Cancel button will take you to the Login screen, and you will not be registered.


Selecting the Submit button will pop open a modal with a Registration Successful message and a thumbs up icon.

Carrier Registration is successful, at this point.

Selecting ok on the pop up will redirect the NON OPERATOR/OWNER User to add a Driver on the Driver Connect page.


6. After you select ok, you will be taken to Velocity+ Command Center, to add your Drivers.

Enter the Driver’s First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone Number, then click Add to add a Driver.

For more information on adding Drivers, reference: Add a Driver.



Watch the Transflo Video Below: