Transflo eBOL Kiosk

Electronic Bill of Lading (eBOL) and Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD)

Our next generation digital document management, data exchange, and supply chain solution offers multiple ways for shippers and receivers to provide the necessary documents to drivers who can in turn scan and upload documents for shippers over the Transflo Mobile+ app.

  • Users can take pictures of loads, and utilize time stamping and geo-coding technology.

  • Drivers can access forms that allow them to engage shipper workers and receive e-signatures from receivers.

  • All parties have access to instructions on how to electronically create and send an e-signature on a document.

  • Documents are indexed and associated with the shipper, receiver, carrier, broker, or driver within the Transflo document cloud, allowing all parties access to the documents.

  • Users can scan, e-sign, and send documents on the Mobile+ app with industry-leading scanning technologies.

  • Users can organize paperwork digitally at any point of the load life-cycle which increases efficiencies, enhances work flows, and improves safety and compliance with COVID-19 distancing protocols.

  • Once documents have been submitted by a shipper, the Transflo server matches the documents with the driver who initiated the activity.

  • Matching documents, loads, and shipping events are tracked over the platform based on mobile app activities performed by the driver.


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