Bulk Print Overview

What is Synergize Bulk Print?

Synergize Bulk Print is a Synergize process used to integrate external billing systems with Synergize.

There are processes deployed on Process Server that do similar things, and as a group, the function is called Print Renditioning or Rendition Billing.


The main purpose of Synergize Bulk Print is to:

  • Get invoicing documents, called source documents, from the external system into a Synergize Repository.

  • Distribute supporting documents of the source documents from Synergize to the customers to be billed.


There are some key parts to the Bulk Print solution:




Synergize Bulk Print Processing


Description automatically generated


Synergize Bulk Print starts all of its listeners, and they each are constantly checking for input.

When files or groups of files are picked up by the listener, they are treated as a package which goes through the following steps:

  • If there's more than one scenario configured for the listener then Bulk Print determines the applicable scenario for the package.

    This also determines the Provider, because the scenario can only belong to one Provider.

  • Parse the Batch, according to the Provider Logic, split it into source documents, and save them to the Synergize repository.

  • Determine which document types are used in the search for supporting documents in Synergize repository, to be used for distribution.

  • Perform a look-up into the Provider's look-up database or Web Service, to return the list of bills for each source document.

  • For each source document, run a Synergize search for documents matching the list of bills and the documents types.

  • For each source document, figure out the type of distribution and the value for it.

    For example, if the distribution type is Email, we need to get the email address the supporting documents need to be sent to.

  • Optionally, group the supporting documents so that billed customers receive one email for all their source documents instead of one per source document.

    Distribution can also be grouped by another field that is assigned to the source document.

    All source documents sharing the same value for this field get sent in the same email, along with their supporting documents.

    Some providers may allow the grouping field to be the result of a look-up so it can be different for different customers.

    Please look at your specific provider documentation to check whether this feature is allowed.




Generic Features

Supported Distribution Types

Bulk Print providers return a letter to indicate the distribution type, for each source document.

Not all distribution types are available, for all providers.

Distribution Letter

Distribution Type

Supported Extensions






tif and pdf









tif and pdf



Supported Print Types


Print Mode




Two Up Simplex




Two Up Duplex


Two Up Simplex Fit To Page


Two Up Duplex Fit To Page


Printer Settings in the scenario



Logging Database

By default, Synergize Bulk Print logs its activity to its own database tables, inside the Synergize repository.

These tables are created using a script that's provided, with the Synergize Bulk Print setup.

The logging database is also used for batch verification.

This feature allows you to reprocess a batch that was only partially successful, and it will only reprocess failed steps from the previous run.

During configuration, you can disable batch verification by checking Disable Batch Verification; it is enabled by default.

See More About Batch Verification.