The human resource challenges for hiring and managing drivers are many and varied.

Stringent regulations combined with a high turnover rate mean that a great deal of information about Drivers needs to be processed, in a relatively short period of time.

Any time a truck is idle means lost revenue.

Getting drivers vetted and hired is a priority.


The Synergize Driver Recruitment Solution is a product that consists of an Online Driver Application System and a Synergize Driver Recruitment Portal client.

Combined, these are configured to accept and validate applicant data via the online application form and store the applicant data into the Driver Recruitment database.

Supporting documents are indexed and stored in a Synergize repository, called DRIVERDOCS by default.

The application data is managed and verified by the recruiter using the Synergize Driver Recruitment Portal client.

Each applicant is guided through a configured workflow, which has been set up to meet your organization's hiring policies and needs.

Once the applicant has been successfully recruited, the Driver Recruitment solution publishes new driver information to Transportation Management Software (TMS), for Driver Management.