About Mobile Workflow

Microdea's Mobile Workflow solution works in conjunction with the Synergize Document Management system.

You must have a Synergize username with Process Workflow authority to use this app.

Currently the Synergize Accounts Payable solution is the only one supported by Mobile Workflow.

You're a busy manager tasked with approving invoices, purchase orders, or other key documents in your business workflow.

You may be on the road or just away from your desk for a moment; this app lets you do those approvals from any of your iOS or Android mobile devices.

You can register all of your devices and choose which ones will receive notifications about documents needing your approval.

You can review each document through the app and approve or reject it.

You can also add comments about the document.


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Approval Types Support

The following approval types exist in the Accounts Payable solution. Currently, only Logic2 is supported by Mobile Workflow.

Tag Name

Approval Type



Simple Approval

A pool of approvers exists.

Any of them can approve as long as they have a high enough approval limit.

If they don't, they can "approve above limit" and another approver still has to approve.


Sequential Approval

Only Next Approvers for the Cost Center group are returned.

If the current approver has a high enough limit for this group, then no further processing is needed.

If not, then the current approver must Approve Above Limit, and then the next approver in sequence is used.

(This is the only type supported by Mobile Workflow).


Sequential Approval

Only Next Approvers for the Cost Center group are returned.

Approval only happens, if there is no next approver (final approver) and if the final approver has a limit above the purchase amount.

(You can emulate the effect of Logic 3 by using Logic 2 and giving all approvers except the final approver a zero approval limit.)