Get Started with Synergize Explorer

Synergize offers a modern HTML 5 browser-based interface to access files in the repository in most modern web browsers. We recommend using the latest version. Features vary by license and assigned permissions.

The image below shows the basic Explorer interface. To view a list of documents, enter criteria in the Properties Filter area and click Filter.

Graphical user interface, text

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Use Synergize Explorer to:

  • Search for files, typically documents but video, audio, or other files are also supported

  • Access files based on current access level (authentication and authorization)

  • Modify information about the files, like invoice number or date created (properties)

  • Process documents from one workflow queue to another (introduced in version 1.1.0)

  • Process documents in an Accounts Payable workflow (introduced in version 14.0.0)

  • Configure workflows to split batch documents into individual files for indexing and storage (introduced in version 14.1.0)

  • Email one or more documents directly from the Synergize repository (introduced in version 14.1.0)