Configure a Synergize Explorer Integration

A special module of Explorer called Synergize Explorer Integration allows third-party (external) systems to launch the core Explorer feature set from within their interface. Typically, Explorer Integration offers a DLL that is accessed by the third-party application. The DLL has a method that accepts key information from the third-party application and returns an encrypted URL that accesses the Synergize Explorer microservice. The results of a query to the Synergize repository are shown in a browser widget within the third-party application or in a separate browser window.

Each integration is based on a custom configuration which specifies the repository, the default view, and the fields of data to show. A typical integration display may look like this:

Graphical user interface, text, application

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Note that an integration view is very similar to the full Explorer interface. You won't see the filter fields on the left because integration produces a filter based on what you selected in the TMS. You also won't have the ability to add or delete documents.

When you're using your favorite trucking management system (TMS) or other external system, you may be reviewing a transaction for which you'd like to see the original documents. With Synergize Explorer Integration, you can select the transaction and click the button or link that has been configured for "imaging" or "document management".

  • Depending on how it's configured, the button may say "View Documents", "Access Image", or even "Synergize".

  • What's behind that button is a Explorer viewport: your "window" into the Synergize repository.

  • The URL used to call the integration view is a "one-time use only" URL; to refresh the view, click the button or link on your TMS again.

For example, the selected transaction may have an associated invoice number that is used to retrieve all of the relevant documents from the repository and present them in the TMS panel or in a separate pop-up window.