Synergize Process Server

Synergize Process Server (SPS) is a fully configurable business process environment that works in conjunction with other parts of the complete Synergize solution including repositories, workflows, and documents.

  • Processes are designed and configured in a graphical environment called the Synergize Process Designer.

  • Once created, the processes run on the Process Server.

The processes are actually XML files with a Synergize Job Description .sjd file type. When the Process Designer saves a file, it will report "Job was saved successfully", which means that the XML file was written to disk.

The default save location is:

C:\Program Files\Microdea\Synergize Process Server\Processes

We recommend that you edit the Microdea.ProcessServer.Service.exe config file in the Synergize Process Server \bin directory to change the default save location for processes. That way, you can reinstall Process Server and your processes remain intact. Edit the line as follows:


<add key="ProcessPath" value="C:\Program Files\Microdea\Synergize Process Server\Processes" />


<add key="ProcessPath" value="C:\Users\<username>\SPS Processes" />