Synergize SimpleScan High-Volume Scanning

To quickly capture and index documents, use Synergize SimpleScan. Synergize SimpleScan allows you to scan and transmit documents easily from an initial source to a central processing location. This greatly reduces cycle times, the risk of lost documents, and considerable courier costs.

Simple Scan high-volume scanning has no image volume limit and provides distributed solutions that allow for multiple scanning stations all sending document images to a central location. Scan into a network folder or directly into the Synergize Repository. An easy touch-screen interface allows you to operate the system without training.

Synergize SimpleScan lets you do the following:

  • Take advantage of Kofax VRS and Paperstream image enhancement tools

  • Index documents quickly with fast database lookups

  • Read bar codes with built-in tools

  • Scan, split, and re-scan documents in a batch

  • Control input at the field level for required data and field types (for example, dates and drop-down lists)