Replace Your Old 3G ELD and Harness with a New Compliant Product

Major wireless network carriers including AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint are implementing a process known as 3G sunsetting or 3G end-of-life (EOL) to make room for faster 4G and 5G connectivity. With the 3G sunset already underway by wireless carriers, act now secure your fleet ELD replacements. Vehicles still using 3G devices (including Transflo T7 and G7 ELDs) need newer 4G replacement models. Carriers and drivers should already have started planning for this migration to 4G ELD devices in order to prevent disruption of signal and data transfer.

These changes were previously announced. To learn more, see the following blog articles and continue reviewing this article below:

Tip: Only Transflo T7 and G7 ELDs are subject to 3G sunsetting. These devices have serial numbers starting with G7. Transflo T9 ELDs (known as T-series ELDs) are already 4G-compliant and do not need to be replaced as part of 3G sunsetting.




To purchase a new device and replace your old device, follow the steps below based on the type of account you have already established with Transflo: RETAIL (generally, fewer than 25 trucks) or FLEET (25 or more trucks)...