Change My Assigned Vehicle or Truck

Follow these steps to change your truck, trailer, and shipment information in the Transflo HOS app:

  1. To select a vehicle, log in to your HOS app.

  2. Enter your Username and Password.

  3. From the Home screen, tap Electronic Logs (HOS).

  4. Type your Truck Number, VIN, or Device ID, to pull up the vehicle.

  5. Type in the Trailer Number.

  6. If the correct one already appears, select Continue. If not, select Attach A Trailer and Type in the number. Select the Trailer Number, by selecting the circle next to the number. The Trailer Number displays above. Tap Continue.

  7. Once the Trailer is attached, you are asked to enter the Shipment information. You can skip this, by tapping Continue, if you do not have a Shipment yet. Otherwise, select New Shipment.

  8. Enter the Shipper Name, Commodity, and Shipment Document Number.

    Note: This information displays as a SA (Shipment Attached) entry in your logs and is informational only.

  9. You can add more Shipments, if necessary. Otherwise, tap Continue.

  10. When finished, tap Close.