New! Introducing Transflo Shipper Portal

Powered by Transflo Command Center

Previously for carriers and brokers, Transflo Velocity Plus Command Center is now available to shippers. And it doesn't stop there. Drivers can also use select Mobile Plus features to tackle the loads that you assign.


  • The TRANSFLO® Velocity+ Command Center web application provides the ability to view, track, and edit loads for and ; adjust pickup and drop off locations for stops and deliveries; and manage offers and assignments.

  • This Knowledge Base is intended to be used as a guide for external TRANSFLO® administrative Users and requires setup and configuration of customer users by Pegasus TransTech.

  • Pegasus TransTech reserves the right to make updates and improvements to this information without notice.

  • Drivers must use the Transflo Mobile+ App, to access the Velocity+ Shipper platform.

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Android 9.0 or newer

iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch iOS 10.0 or newer

Shipper Portal

The Transflo Shipper Portal  will provide our shipper partners with a way to create and manage loads, upload documents such as bill of ladings, and share documents as desired. This portal will provide a convenient and transparent way for shippers to connect their loads and documents with carriers to better serve their customers.

Driver eBOL Search, Sign, and Submit

The final piece to connecting a shipper’s load to a carrier is Transflo’s Driver eBOL Search. This search is one tap away on the Transflo Mobile Plus App. The eBOL Search allows a driver to search for a shipper’s load when they arrive at the pickup location. When a shipment is located, the driver enters Transflo’s own eDocument View & Sign process. The driver can easily sign the eBOL and be on their way without any paperwork or contact. The shipper will then have visibility of the signed eBOL document in the Transflo Shipper Portal.

Popular Questions and Answers

Question 1: As a driver, can I bypass the welcome center and get 100% touchless entry to the warehouse?

AnswerYes. Use the Transflo Mobile+ app on your phone to check-in and bypass the welcome center.

Question 2: Can the gatekeeper verify my driver is loaded before leaving the yard?

AnswerYes. When the driver confirms the truck is loaded and signs the eBOL, the eBOL and audit trail information can be sent to any relevant shipper, carrier, consignee, or broker parties to confirm the information is correct before the driver leaves the yard.

Question 3: After the driver is loaded, can the driver receive the eBOL in his mobile app to sign and begin the checkout process?

AnswerYes. The Unite Shipper Portal gives you a powerful Velocity Plus Command Center system that will push the eBOL to the Transflo Mobile+ app where the driver can confirm the truck is loaded and sign. The eBOL can then be transmitted back to the relevant parties at the shipper as proof of pickup.

Question 4: Will the driver have access to the signed and verified eBOL in transit and use that as the proof of delivery?

AnswerYes. The driver will have all shipping documents that are sent to the Transflo Cloud available in the Transflo Mobile+ app. When the driver arrives at the consignee, these documents can be sent by email or text (SMS text messages) for consignee review, notation, and signature. When delivery is complete and the ePOD is signed, the ePOD returns to the Transflo cloud where it is delivered in seconds to the shipper.

Question 5: How can we learn more about the Transflo Velocity Plus and Mobile+ integration API?

Answer:  To access our API documentation, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to

  2. Select Transflo Shipper API in the drop-down menu.

  3. Click Explore.

  4. Expand each grouping to see the REST API endpoints related to each tag.