View Load Details

In the Menu Bar click Find Loads then click Carrier Assigned.


To view a load, click the row for the load on the Carrier Assigned page.

For more information, reference Find Loads .



The Load Information tab displays the BOL, Carrier, Rate, Drivers, Origin, Destination, and Workflow.

A map with pickup and drop off locations is shown on the right.



Click on Stops to see the work flow.


The Trip Information tab displays the load Pick Up and Drop Off details, as well as stops in between.


The Shipment Information tab displays a summary of details about the load.


Click Share to receive a shareable link for the particular load.

Set the expiry time to either hours or days.


Click Email Tracking Link to send the link via Email.

Type the recipient's email under Email tracking to.

You can send a message in the box under Personalize Message.

Click Send to email the tracking link.



Watch The Video Below: