Send and Receive Chat Messages

Use the chat feature to exchange in-app messages with another driver, a dispatcher, or another authorized user.


  1. On the dashboard, tap Chat. This feature can appear in the bottom navigation bar, as a Chat with Dispatch tile, or as a Chat menu item or dial.

    Reminder: Depending on possible product configuration changes for your specific fleet, it is possible that user interface labels, buttons, links, dials, tiles, icons, colors, logos, and placement on the screen can change. Features can also be hidden from your view based on permissions. In the documentation, we cover a default setup with screen examples that are generally similar for smart phones and tablets running either iOS or Android OS. Adjust certain steps, if needed, to reflect your actual device and product configuration.

  2. If you have more than one fleet associated with your profile, the Messages screen appears. Tap the fleet that you want to communicate with. If you only have one fleet on your profile, the Chat screen opens.

    A blue or red dot indicates you have one or more unread chat messages from people in this fleet.

  3. To send a message or respond to a message, tap in the message box, type your message, and then tap Send.

  4. Your message is sent.

  5. You can continue to exchange messages with your dispatcher or other drivers.

Note: Users cannot delete chat messages. Only the last 100 messages appear; any remaining older messages are auto-deleted at the network server level for the platform.

Frequently-Asked Questions about Chat Messages