Accept or Decline Loads

As a driver, you can accept or decline available load offers. If your dispatcher recently offered you one or more new loads, they appear in the app as available (for example, 2 available).

Some configurations support loads tendered by a shipper or broker to your carrier (who then offers them to drivers) or directly to individual drivers.


  1. On the Dashboard, tap Loads.

  2. Tap Available.

    These status tiles are configurable, so any combination or none of these might appear. Your fleet might skip these and show one big list of loads.

  3. In the Available list of loads, review the load summary, and then tap a load.

  4. On the Load Details page, review the load details and decide to accept or decline:
    • To accept the load, tap Accept.
    • To decline the load, tap Decline.

  5. After a load is accepted, the Start slider appears at the bottom of the screen. The load status is Accepted.

  6. To begin load tracking and let others know you have started the load and are en-route to the delivery location or first stop, swipe left-to-right.

  7. Tracking for the load begins and its status is now InTransit.