Get Load Information

With Transflo Mobile+ you get notifications about new available loads and can accept or decline them right away on your smartphone or tablet! With a simple thumb or finger swipe on your mobile device, you can also let the carrier, broker, or shipper know which leg of the trip you are on.

To view more details about a load, review load messages, scans, stops, or maps, follow these steps:

  1. On the dashboard, tap Loads.

    Depending on your configuration, Loads might appear as a tile, menu item, or dial.

  2. To view a list of loads by status, tap a status value (followed by the number of loads in each status):

    • Available

    • Accepted

    • In Transit

    • Completed

  3. To get more details, swipe up or down, and tap the load.

    Result: Load details appear including the following information:

    • The carrier, broker, or entity who assigned the load.

    • The load number.

    • The BOL number.

    • The total number of stops.

    • The fragile goods status of the load.

    • The pickup and delivery location.

    • Contact names and phone numbers.

  4. On the Status screen, tap a load to view more details.

  5. To view more details about the load, tap the buttons at the top of the screen:

    • Messages: View load messages with dispatch.

    • Scan: Scan new documents or photos. To close the Scan window, tap DONE.

    • Stops: View the total number of stops for the load.

    • Map View: View the geographical location for the current load.

  6. To return to the load view, tap Back.

Reminder: Depending on possible product configuration changes for your specific fleet, it is possible that user interface labels, buttons, links, dials, tiles, icons, colors, logos, and placement on the screen can change. Features can also be hidden from your view based on permissions. In the documentation, we cover a default setup with screen examples that are generally similar for smart phones and tablets running either iOS or Android OS. Adjust certain steps, if needed, to reflect your actual device and product configuration.