Set Up Recipients, Fleets, or Brokers (Classic Design)

You can add, change, or delete a designated recipient, which is typically a carrier fleet or broker, but broadly defined as any registered recipient for all your load transactions, documents, and other mobile app data. If you change your primary recipient (for example, you change your fleet or broker), the information you view, send, and receive in your mobile app changes.

Tip: A new release of Transflo Mobile+ introduces new steps for fleet management. Until you download and become familiar with the new steps, you can continue to follow the old legacy or classic steps on this help page.



Tip: To search for a broker, fleet, or recipient ID, go to Search for a Broker, Fleet, or Recipient ID, enter a search by company name (not ID) or state, and then tap Go. Always confirm broker, fleet, or recipient IDs with your supervisor or accounting team.