Synergize Driver Recruitment

Managing drivers often presents many human resource hiring and personnel staffing challenges. Stringent regulations combined with a high turnover rate mean that a great deal of information about drivers needs to be processed in a relatively short period of time. Also consider the following:

  • Any time a truck is idle means lost revenue.

  • Getting drivers vetted and hired is a priority.

The Synergize Driver Recruitment Solution consists of an Online Driver Application System and a Synergize Driver Recruitment Portal client. Combined, these are configured to accept and validate applicant data in online application forms and store the applicant data in the Driver Recruitment database.

  • Supporting documents are indexed and stored in a Synergize repository, called DRIVERDOCS by default.

  • Application data is managed and verified by the recruiter using the Synergize Driver Recruitment Portal client.

  • Each applicant is guided through a configured workflow to meet the hiring policies and needs of your organization.

  • After each applicant has been successfully recruited, the Driver Recruitment solution publishes new driver information to your Transportation Management Software (TMS) for Driver Management.