The Drivewyze features in the Transflo Mobile+ app allow drivers who are certified in the Drivewyze system to legally bypass weigh stations.

  • Drivewyze PreClear service provides 2-mile and 1-mile visual and audio alerts as you approach over 1200 weigh stations and inspection sites as a safety service.

  • If you are authorized to pass a station, you receive one (1) of three (3) bypass notifications in your Transflo mobile app:

  • After you bypass a station, Drivewyze automatically resets and awaits the next site.

In addition, drivers can work with their fleet managers to self-provision additional Drivewyze features such as Drivewyze Safety Plus (Drivewyze Safety+). Geotab integration with Drivewyze is also planned for 2024. To learn more, visit

Tip: Transflo T-Series ELD users do not need to start Drivewyze; it activates automatically as part of the ELD system.



Drivewyze Sales and Support: