ELD, HOS, Status, Logs, and Fleet Telematics

These features are supported by the HOS and telematics features of your Transflo Geotab ELD. You can use these features inside your Transflo Mobile+ app or download the separate Transflo HOS app.

See Transflo HOS, ELD, and Telematics Knowledge Base.


As a first-time user (driver), follow these steps to navigate between the Transflo Mobile+ app and the integrated HOS app (as a reminder, Transflo gives you all the functionality of the separate ELD, HOS, and Telematics features inside your existing Mobile+ app):

  1. Verify you already have the Transflo Mobile+ app and registered with your carrier. See Set Up a Transflo Mobile+ Account.

  2. Physically receive in hand your electronic logging device (ELD). Connect it inside your truck (or have your fleet admin connect it) and register for service:

  3. In the Transflo Mobile+ app, tap HOS LOGIN.

    1. Enter your username (typically the same email address you used when you registered in Step 1).

    2. Enter your password.

    3. Tap LOGIN.

  4. The next time you log in, the screens look a little different. Enter your username and tap Next.

  5. The screens in the app appear and change quickly. Do not be concerned that you do not have time to see what they are showing. Typically, the screens go through logging in as the driver identity you provided, synchronizing the data for that driver, and then applying an HOS rule set.

  6. The app searches for recent or nearby vehicles.

    1. To search for your vehicle, enter its name.

    2. In the resulting list of matching vehicles, select your vehicle.

    3. The app synchronizes the asset inspection logs, trailers, HOS data, shipments, and messages for you.

  7. After you have all your vehicle, trailer, and shipment data configured, you can do the following (you might have to scroll all the way down until the screen button options appear):

    1. Tap Save and Continue.

    2. Tap Verify All Days.

    3. On the Certify screen, tap Agree. If you need more time, tap Not Ready and return to these steps later.

  8. If you are ready to perform vehicle and trailer inspections, tap Inspect. If not, tap Skip Remainder.

  9. Back on the HOS Dashboard page, you can set your HOS duty status, asset inspections, and rule sets. To learn more, see Transflo HOS, ELD, and Telematics Knowledge Base. When finished, tap Close to return to the Transflo Mobile+ app.