Scan and Send Load Documents

With the Transflo Mobile+ app, drivers can scan load documents anywhere, anytime. The mobile app allows drivers to snap a picture of their documents and submit high-quality images with optional electronic signatures and industry-leading document compression protocols that use less data than a social media post! The easy-to-use functionality allows drivers to submit multiple documents at one time while ensuring carriers, shippers, and brokers receive high quality images that can go directly into billing workflows.

As a driver, you can select and easily change the document type assigned to each document. Tap a document in the list before you send them to see options such as BOL, POD, lumper, and more.

Follow the steps below to take good quality photos of documents such as bill of lading (BOL) or proof of delivery (POD).

  • If you submit poor quality images, the system might not be able to process the data which could result in delays.

  • If network service is not available, the latest release of the app provides an offline document queue to store pending unsent batches for you temporarily until a data plan signal or Wi-Fi connection can be restored.

Tip: Android devices have a Back button at the bottom of each screen and iOS devices have a Back option at the top of applicable screens.




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